Damask kerry rolled mattress

Damask kerry rolled mattress


Our lovely Kerry mattress, is a great value mattress.... It features two quilted sleep surfaces, with a good level of fillings for a restful nights sleep.

The mattress is covered in soft touch Belgium Damask, that offers a smooth sleep surface. Within the mattress we use  medium strength springs, to supply a good level of support, whilst not being too firm...The mattress is filled with hypo-allergenic fillings to create a great environment for sleep, and these are quilted to the Damask to ensure they lie evenly across the sleep surface.

The great aspect of this mattress is the specialist springs allow us to use our state of the art mattress roller...this allows us to roll the mattress without damaging the springs,and seal it...so it is far easier to transport,carry, store..ideal if you live on the top floor!

On unpacking the mattress we recommend you allow it to settle for 24 hours before use, to allow the springs to take their original shape 

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