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Boy's Waterproof Mattress

From £125.00

We know that it can be distressing for our children when they wet the bed and normally means we have to throw away the mattress as it never dries out completely.

Hence our waterproof mattress is ideal for young children, who have bed wetting problems. Besides keeping them away from this sleep-interrupting wetness, a waterproof mattress is also best used for hygienic purposes. By maintaining a dry bed, you prevent the growth of bacteria, mould, and other harmful elements that thrive in moist or wet areas.

Our waterproof mattress has one sleep side with a waterproof coating to prevent any embarrassing moments.

The other sleep side is covered in non pvc material, so the mattress can continue once the bed wetting stage has passed. The mattress features a medium strength spring unit to provide ideal support to ensure a great night’s sleep along with deep filling to provide the right level of comfort.