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Big Softee Giant Indoor And Outdoor Bean Bag


The Big Softee Bean Bag…The Ultimate Lounging BeanBag..a massive 160cm x 140cm size, your new lounging friend. These bad boys come in a whole rainbow of colours that will compliment any space whether indoors or outdoors.These giant bags come in a range of 10 modern stylish colours for you to choose from…all bursting with beans.

They are the ultimate multi use lounger, ideal for gaming, lounging, sleepovers or as a comfy chair…as they are water resistant and stains can be wiped away with a damp cloth, they are ideal for outdoors for that social gathering or as a sun lounger.

With a full 250 litres capacity bursting with beans, they feature a double zip filling pocket system so beans can’t free themselves and get where they should not be namely under your sofa, or in a curious little one’s mouth!

The seams are triple stitched for extra strength to take the knocks of every day usage and see no little beans can get free!…and this great design features a camouflaged airvent that allows airflow to stop the bags bursting should a little one fancy taking a flying jump on to the bag!…can you imagine the mess if this ingenious little vent was not there.

And with the teflon backed material ensures they are water resistant making these bean bags ideal for all year round use..and stains can be easily wiped away with the wipe of a cloth.

Best of all they are so comfortable and relaxing…nestling in one of these bags is just aahhh lovely!!!

Just the colour you want from the whole spectrum palette of 10 colours available…