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Cushiontop Mattress

From £595.00

Here it is the ultimate deep luxury mattress with an additional set of layers making up the 2 inch deep cushion top on this really deep mattress.

So we have taken a deep filled, firmer sprung mattress, and gone and put another cushion layer of fillings on top of the mattress….and enhanced this top layer even further, by filling it with more comfort fillings to give a great level of support for you so you have a mass of fillings and layers present in this mattress, with felt, cotton, hypo-allergenic fillings memory foam…all these deep layers are there to give you a really comfortable mattress.

To enhance the mattress even further the sleep surfaces are made Coolmax fabric.This specialist technical material, works by regulating your body temperature, and drawing away moisture, due to its specially cross woven fabric, which improves the breathability of the fabric and makes it quick drying…so making your sleeping area comfortable and help regulate your body temperature whilst you sleep.

The specially developed spring set, has been slightly firmed to offer a higher level of support, and to work in unison with the deep layers of fillings to offer that tailored support, and comfort for you. The spring unit has a specially developed edge support system that ensures maximisation of the sleeping area to allow you and your partner full use of the sleeping space available.

The mattress has side air vents to allow airflow through to the fillings within the mattress to ensure the mattress stays as hygienic as possible to air the fillings…The side features handles for ease of movement, rotation…but this is a no turnover mattress as the cushiontop is the sleeping surface. The mattress is covered in a lovely and quality woven damask material, which is soft and smooth to the touch, but as it is woven is hard wearing for prolonged life.