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Girls Quilted Anti Allergy Mattress

From £100.00

We all hear of the rise of the number of asthma suffering children in the news nowadays. Normally brought on by the presence of dust mites.

Allergies are one of the causes which can lead to an unsettled night’s sleep, causing children to wake intermittently throughout the night and leaving them tired and grumpy the next day.putting further strain on an already strained immune system and so less able to deal with the symptoms of the allergy.

Our anti allergy mattress range is ideal for any sufferers of dust mite allergies or allergies of the respiratory system.  This mattress can help ensure your children get the best night’s sleep possible. Many products in the market claim to have hypoallergenic mattresses but often it is the fillings that are hypoallergenic and the mattress cover is not anti dust mite.

Our anti-allergy mattress are 100% dust mite free mattresses, by using a combination of anti-allergy fillings and cover. The mattresses are available in two widths- shorty mattress size 2ft 6 wide (75 cm width x 175cm length) and standard 3ft mattress (90 cm x 190 cm).