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Hamptons handmade divans & coolmax, memory & bonnell mattress offer

From £645.00

Our beautiful divan bases are handmade in our West Country site, by our master craftsmen. The frames are made of solid wood and are all bespoke made to order. The divan bases come with a variety of storage options, namely- No-draws, 2 draws- ideal for storing your bedding in, and 4 draws, to maximise the storage offering.

The divans are covered in a luxury soft touch textile specifically developed for divan bases for their texture and hardwearing properties. For the Hampton divan base the material is smooth to the touch and comes in a stylish brown or slate grey to add glamour to your bedroom.

The draws are designed to store plenty, and work on a smooth roller action for ease of access and stowing away The divans are available in single, double and kingsize sizes, with the various storage options…please note the headboard is not included in this offer

With the divan you have the ultimate in supportive mattresses…this memory foam mattress features a sound layer of visco elastic memory foam,all supported on our specially sourced bonnell springs to provide great support for a restful nights sleep memory foam was originally developed by nasa for the astronauts to protect them during take off. The benefit of this foam is the pressure relieving qualities it offers you during your sleep. As memory foam, is temperature sensitive, the warmth from your body moulds the foam to the exact contours of your body. This custom fit to your body, ensures you are completely supported and so virtually eliminating painful pressure points, and reducing your need to turn to find the most comfortable, pain free sleeping position. The mattress is 22cm’s deep and the sleep surface is covered in our luxury quilted soft touch coolmax cover. Coolmax® fabric is a specialist fabric that incorporates an effective fibre-based moisture management system. The system can move excess warmth away from your body, through the fabric, where it can be released quickly, allowing you a more comfortable and cooler sleeping environment.