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Natural Comfort Pocket Sprung Mattress

From £999.99

The Natural Comfort Pocket Sprung Mattress has a unique finish consisting of ultimate freshness and is complete with anti dust mite, anti bacterial and anti microbial ensuring the ultimate fresh sleeping environment to encourage a great nights sleep. Ultimate freshness stops bacterial growth and any odours or mildew growth. Eliminating dust mites has a number of health benefactors such as reducing the risk of asthma and therefore maintaining a fresh and natural sleeping environment easing you into a gentle sleep. This luxurious mattress has a complete environmental friendly finish.

This mattress is filled with the following to make sure that your comfort is met:

  • Deep layers of cotton
  • All natural fillings wool
  • Felt
  • Memory foam
  • White fibre fillings


Memory foam mattresses custom fit to your body, ensures you are completely supported and so virtually eliminating painful pressure points, and reducing your need to turn to find the most comfortable, pain free sleeping position.

Sizes available: Single (3ft), Double (4ft6) and Kingsize (5ft)