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Refill beans for bean bags- Big Softee boxes of beans

From £14.95

Beans, beans…lovely beans, well we have mountains of glorious pure white polyester beans ready to refill your tired bean bags…our pet panda Big Softee is on a mission to ensure all bean bags provide you maximum usage.

After an amount of use on your bean bag, the filling beans can get flattened and hence lose their shape and squishiness….so to get the best from your bean bag you have to top them up at times, with more beans.

Well to make life easy for you Big Softee has got ready for you a number of different volumes of beans ready to ship to you, for you to fill your bean bags and hey presto…they are back to their former glory all ready for full on lounging on!

We only offer pure white 100% polyester beans, not using cheaper alternatives, so our beans are full of beans for bean bags There are three sizes available 2.5 cubic feet-70 litres of glorious white beans, 5 cubic feet-140 litres of glorious white beans and 10 cubic feet a whopping 280 litres of glorious white beans..which come all ready boxed