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Royale Luxury Memory Foam and Ortho Bonnell Sprung Mattress

From £599.00

The sumptuous Royale Luxury is an orthopaedic bonnell sprung mattress that is handmade here in the uk by our master craftsmen. Covered with deluxe quality Belgian cotton-based damask fabric and offering a soft knitted sleep surface woven material, surrounding the abundance of fillings, including a deep high density memory foam layer for comfort and support, natural wool, cotton and deep white fibre fillings, this mattress gives you comfort like no other.Using anti-allergy fibre layer, which provides softness and resilience.The layer is sterilsed and dust free, therefore ideal for allergy sufferers.There are deep layers of luxurious soft white fibres, which offers dust free, soft resilience, with special rebound properties for the most comfortable feel…

Memory foam is designed to contour to the body’s natural shape, and working with the specialist bonnell spring unit-the finest wire is used to produce a continuous link of open coil springs.

The spring unit is strong and durable and offers superb resilience for a traditional comfortable feel.The springs are designed to give full head to toe anatomical body support and relieve pressure points across the body. The memory foam layer can support key areas of your body…

  • Head – designed to encourage neck muscles to relax and prevent tension headaches
  • Back – aims to ease back pain
  • Lower leg and heels – spreads pressure in order to help ease swollen feet and calves
  • Allergies – foam is anti-microbial and dust mite preventative

To add further support and strength, we have incorporated our perimeter edge support, from edge to edge, enabling the whole surface of the mattress as a sleeping area.

The Royale Luxury also has vertical stitched side, to provide a more robust mattress border than a standard mattress.The border has handles, which are flagged sttiched for strength, to allow the mattress to be moved easily.Vents and ventilation holes are incorporated into the borders, to allow the mattress to breathe and encourage the fillings to stay fresh, for a more comforatble sleeping environment.

The luxury knitted material used for the sleep zones, is designed to mediate your sleeping environment, by wicking away moisture and balancing the temperature so you can enjoy a great nights sleep.

As both sides of the mattress are sleepzones, covered in the soft knitted fabric, we recommend you turn the mattress regularly to get the best use and longevity from it…


  • An elite orthopaedic mattress with specialist bonnell springs and high density memory foam layer.
  • Deep fillings including, wool, cotton and soft white fibres for extreme comfort.
  • Temperature relgulating knitted fabric for the sleep surface, side panels and bottom, feature  a soft woven luxury Damask fabric.
  • Hand tufted, by our craftsmen with Natural Wool for durability, and additional support
  • Mattress tension: Medium-Firm level of support.
  • The product is handmade in the UK exclusively by Sleepsoftly, using the finest materials, conforming to the British standards.