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Sleepsoftly Silver Fibre Mattress

From £675.00

Silver is the first known antibacterial. Its benefits were discovered centuries ago by the Romans and have been made use of up to now. Silver used for healing wounds has at the same time an anti-static effect which helps alleviate fatigue related to stress.

Sleepsoftly raises the standards of sleep technology thanks to the blessings of nature, and is now proud to bring silver to the mattress ticking for hygienic and healthy sleep with its superior protection against bacteria. Sleepsoftly’s Silver Fibre is an exceptionally healthy option for a safe, deep and sound sleep. Silver Fibre fights against bacteria and mould during sleep thanks to the silver ions hidden inside and thus ensures superior protection and freshness throughout the night.

Thanks to Silver Fibre Ag+ ions, the bacteria never gain resistance and become subject to mutation. The advantages of Silver Fibre:

  • Antibacterial.
  • Hygienic.
  • Odour reduction.
  • Eco-friendly.

Sleepsoftly’s Silver Fibre Mattress has no side effects which could be harmful to skin and can be washed. Silver Fibre maintains its properties and hygienic structure even at low temperatures. Sleepsoftly Silver Fibre is a hygienic sleep option that protects not only you, but also the environment thanks to its distinguishing features.

Sleepsoftly Fibre Mattress features medium strength springs and includes our surround edge strength support to maximise support over the whole sleep area. The Mattress is deeply filled with layers of hypo-allergenic fillings to work in unison with the Silver Fibre to encourage the best sleeping environment for you