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Sumptuous Handmade Pillowtop Mattress

From £655.00

Deep and snuggly is the only way to describe this luxurious mattress…. This deep mattress is really deep at 25cm deep, it has a medium/ firm spring system with heaps of fillings, in addition it has a further filling pillowtop layer. This pillowtop sits as its name suggests like a pillow on top of the mattress…for extra padding and support – giving you optimum body support and comfort and giving you a more restful and more comfortable night’s sleep.

Within the spring system is a specialist edging support to provide you the maximum sleep area, allowing you to stretch out fully and have complete support to the edge. This mattress is a no turn mattress and the sleep area is covered in a soft luxury material which has a silky lustre and is deep quilted. The inherent breathability of the material is beneficial to the climatic characteristics of the mattress by allowing good airflow to stop you overheating and ensuring a deep healthy sleep.