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Trizone Spring Unit Luxury Damask Covered Mattress

From £650.00

The trizone spring unit within this mattress features a uniquely designed three-phase spring support system that offers extra support at the head, lower back and these are the heavier regions of the body the springs in these areas are stiffened to provide additional support and hence lead to greater comfort for you.

The spring unit also incorporates a specialist edge support, which allows you the maximum sleep area with support to the edge of the mattress. The mattress is dual sleep sided allowing you to ensure you get the maximum life out of the mattress.the mattress has several layers of fillings to provide high levels of comfort.

The mattress is covered in a luxury woven damask fabric

By regular turning you will ensure you get the best comfort levels from the fillings, give you additional support and comfort to ensure a great night’s sleep awaits you.